Historic Buildings Consultant

Philosophy of Repair

Philosophy of Repair

The services I provide are underpinned by a desire to maintain and protect our built heritage in accordance with the principles set out by William Morris in his Manifesto for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (1877), of which I am an active member.

In practice, this means so far as is possible operating on a 'minimal intervention' principle and using traditional, appropriate materials for the age and type of the building; in theory, this means keeping an appreciation of the history and context of the building at the forefront of the analysis and research undertaken and recommendations given.

However, I believe that any dogmatic approach is perhaps as harmful to a historic building as the eager hands and vivid imaginations of those Victorian "restoration" architects that Morris sought to influence.

Some modern repair techniques have their place in the consideration of any historic building, though this must be the result of careful thought and judgement that this will enhance the longevity of the building without being prejudicial to aesthetic and historical value.

For historic buildings to survive, they must be able to adapt to the changing needs of the world around them and it is this fact that I seek to balance with the principles above; in this way, both the building and the owner/occupier can best be served and the unfortunate circumstance of another derelict and crumbling historic building can best be avoided.